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RF Rx/Tx board WBX-LW

Main Features

    • Frequency coverage: 50 MHz-2.2 GHz
    • Maximum bandwidth includes: 40 MHz 、 120 MHz
    • The WBX RF daughter board contains a full-duplex wideband transceiver that supports up to 120 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
    • Serving a wide range of applications: public safety, communications, amateur radio and ISM
    • The local oscillator's receive and transmit chains operate independently, allowing for frequency duplex operation
    • The reference for the local oscillator is the master clock from the USRP, allowing multiple coherent operations
    • Suitable for USRP-LW X300 / x310 devices

Functional description

    The WBX-LW-40 provides a high-bandwidth transceiver that delivers up to 100mW of power output with a noise figure of 5 dB. The local oscillator's receive and transmit chains operate independently and can be synchronized for MIMO. It is an ideal SDR device for applications that want to access frequencies in the 50MHz-2200 MHz range. Applications include WiFi, WiMAX, S-band transceivers and 2.4 GHz ISM band transceivers. Applications include land mobile communications, marine and aerospace radios; mobile base stations, PCs and GSM multi-band radios; coherent multi-base radars; wireless sensor networks; broadcast television; and public safety management. Applicable to USRP-LW N200, USRP-LW N210, USRP-X310, USRP-X300.

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