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RF Rx/Tx board UBX-LW

Main Features

  • Frequency coverage: 10 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Bandwidth includes: 40 MHz 、 160 MHz
  • Independently operating full-duplex TX and RX frequencies
  • Support phase synchronization or calibration

Functional description

    The UBX-LW is a full-duplex transceiver that provides high-performance RF covering most frequency segments for coherent phase alignment in multi-channel MIMO and direction finding applications. The tuning range of bandwidth makes the UBX-LW an ideal application that covers all of the most common frequency bands, spanning high frequency, very high frequency, cellular, radar, and WIFI, and can be used for monitoring the entire band of interest. UBX-LW works alternately with existing USRP-LW daughter boards for seamless integration into your existing applications.