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RF Rx/Tx board SBX-LW

Main Features

    • Frequency coverage:400-4400 MHz Rx/Tx
    • Maximum signal bandwidth includes: 40 MHz 、 120 MHz
    • It delivers 100 mW of output power and 5dB of noise figure. The local oscillator can be used for receiving and transmitting channels, and can also be used for dual-band operation.
    • MIMO-enabled, ideal for applications that need to operate in multiple frequency bands in the 400 to 4400 MHz frequency range
    • Typical applications include WIFI, WIMAX, S-band transceivers and 2.4GHz ISM band transceivers

Functional description

    The SBX-LW-40 is a high-bandwidth transceiver that provides up to 100mW of power output with a noise figure of 5 dB. The local oscillator's receive and transmit chains operate independently, allowing dual-band operation. The SBX-LW provides MIMO functionality. For those who want to access a wide range of applications from 400 MHz to 4400 MHz, the SBX-LW is the ideal SDR device. Applications include WiFi, WiMAX, S-band transceivers and 2.4 GHz ISM band transceivers.

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